AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a drive-by shooting.

Captain Eric Abdullah confirms the incident happened on the 400 block of Audubon Circle off of Belvedere-Clearwater Road.

Authorities say the victim, later identified as 28-year-old Rebekah M. Clark, was shot in the head during the shooting. She was taken to the hospital for treatment but later died.

When Aiken Bureau Chief Shawn Cabbagestalk and his photographer Mark arrived at the scene, investigators were removing crime scene tape from around the home and a car was being towed away.

The pair spoke with nearly a dozen neighbors in the community who all declined to speak on camera for fear of retaliation. They all said the area is a pretty quiet one except for that one particular house. They say traffic moves in and out from the home. Also, a large elderly population lives in the area.

One woman Shawn spoke with moved into the area several months ago. She said that she didn’t know about the activity going on at the home until she witnessed it for herself. She also declined to speak on camera.

Shawn contacted the sheriff’s office just before 3 p.m., where he was told “nothing new at this time,” when asked if there were any updates in the case.

Clark will have an autopsy performed in Newberry, according to Aiken County Coroner Darryl Ables.

No suspects are in custody.

If you have any information, contact authorities.

Photographer Mark Gaskins