AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- As we once again prepare for possible winter weather, there are renewed concerns about ice on the roads.

The CSRA doesn’t seen much ice and snow so many residents don’t know how to drive in it.

But there are some tips for you if you absolutely have to drive when there is ice and snow on the roads.

Experts say to drive slowly, especially if you haven’t driven on ice before. Take main roads instead of back roads, they are the ones treated with salt and sand. If you hit an icy patch and begin to slide, take your foot off the gas but don’t slam on the brakes. This could cause you to skid.

“Basically just come off the brakes and let the car slow down on its own. You try not to do any tough steering as well. Just guide it where its going and hopefully you can tap those brakes until you get to a soft area where the brakes start grabbing,” explained Brian Prince at Brock’s Driver Education School in Martinez.

If road conditions are bad and you don’t have to go anywhere, Prince advises you to just stay home and wait it out.

With severe weather comes the possibility of power outages. When it’s cold out people look for ways to stay warm when they lose power.

Hopefully there won’t be any power outages Thursday and Friday, but if there are and you don’t have a fireplace, keeping warm can be hard.

Layers and blankets are the key. Wear several layers of warm clothes, and socks. Wrap yourself in blankets and out several on the bed when you sleep.

Mie Lucas with Augusta Emergency Management warns people not to use non traditional ways to stay warm; it is dangerous.

“Do not put your generator in your house. Generators should be outside only. They run off gasoline. Carbon monoxide can kill you so, they should only be used outside, in addition to grills. You can’t cook inside, you have an electric stove, only use your grills outside,” she said.

Remember 911 is for emergencies only. If you need help that isn’t an emergency call 311 if that service is available in your county.