APPLING, Ga. (WJBF) – Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and Wildwood Park on Clarks Hill Lake will be a big attraction for locals and out-of-towners.

But, it may not be all fun in the sun.

Although our LIVE VIPIR 6 team is calling for rain and chilly temperatures, that hasn’t stopped Timberline Glamping Company from being fully booked.

“Unfortunately weather is something we can’t control, when you’re in the outdoors that’s one of the elements you have to face,” said Micah Hollis, the owner of Timberline Glamping Company on Clarks Hill Lake. “The tents are very durable, they hold up to wind, rain anything like that. Hopefully it will hold off and people will enjoy their weekend.”

The company puts a luxurious spin on camping – with air conditioned and heated tents, beds of all sizes, mini-fridges, coffee makers, and more.

Some glampers we spoke to decided to beat the crowd and leave on Friday.

“It’s supposed to rain all weekend, so that’s been our big plan. Get here prior and get back home before it gets loud and noisy and wet,” said Jason Stewart.

It was Stewart and his family’s first time glamping and they loved every second of it.

“It’s been pleasant, the tent experience is really fun,” he said. “Of course our grandbaby Marvel, she’s really enjoying it. And of course the view’s been wonderful all week.”

But, they didn’t love the squirrels.

“They ate the bread and the jar of peanuts,” Stewart said.

And we can’t forget the real reason for the holiday.

“With Memorial Day coming, it’s a great weekend celebrating the ones that have given their life for this country,” Micah Hollis said. “It’s an awesome weekend to come out and enjoy the outdoors, and it’s a beautiful place to do it.”

We wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day, and remind you to be cautious when it comes to boating and being near the water.