WHEN ROBOTS ATTACK: Student Built 3D Robots To Win College Scholarship


AUGUSTA, GEORGIA – 3D printed robots took over TheClubhou.se in Augusta, Georgia.

160 students from across the C.S.R.A and Atlanta built robots and today 40 of them competed in the Third Annual Sumo Robot League Competition.

Organizers says since Augusta is becoming a hub for cyber technology this gives students a chance to learn through hands-on experience.

“Technology is obviously becoming the future of our economy and it’s kind of boring a lot of times to learn computer science, but this way kids get to design a 3-D print their own robot and learn to code in 9 weeks.” Founder of TheClubhou.se and Sumo Robot League Eric Parker told WJBF News Channel 6.

The winner of the Sumo Robot Competition will receive a $1,000 dollar scholarship donated by the Georgia Board of Regents.

Press release from TheClubhou.se:

The robots have entered the building! As part of theClubhou.se’s mission and initiatives, a friendly challenge of coding and design will bridge the gap between technology and education for the next generation. This weekend, the Sumo Robot League Spring Challenge invites students from across the Augusta area, who will pit their robots against one another in a final sumo-style battle to see whose will outplay and outlast.For a video of the action, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYxOKU2c04c.

Independently taught by teachers and volunteers, the Sumo Robot League classes provide a valuable learning opportunity to students-an opportunity not typically available in a regular school environment-to learn and understand STEM principles of science, technology, engineering and math through the fun activity of building and designing their own robot and matching it against others in a friendly competition.

“Innovation is not just about building startups-it’s looking at communities in new ways and developing programs to support them. When we started theClubhou.se, we wanted to help educate a high-tech workforce, but we realized that most robotics programs were too expensive and that we alone couldn’t teach them. So we’ve spent the last three years developing low-cost 3D printed robots, classes and teacher training programs to support school efforts to help students,” said Eric Parker, co-founder of the Sumo Robot League and theClubhou.se.

The spring season had students ages 11 to 16 from Columbia County, Richmond County and even Atlanta participate. Over 150 Sumo Robots were designed and coded by students in public and private schools and homeschooled, who built their robots using kits provided by theClubhou.se, including assembling robot parts, soldering wires to the motors and sensor, and programming.

“What’s great about this program is to see the wide range of kids-boys and girls-who are interested and excited about technology. They have learned basic coding, and what could be seen as a complicated and challenging endeavor has turned into a creative thinking process that will hopefully encourage more kids to go into STEM careers,” said Grace Belangia, co-founder of Sumo Robot League and executive director of HACKAugusta.

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