ATLANTA, Ga (WJBF)- New data shows around 85-million Americans are still unvaccinated and closer to home, that’s about six out of 10 Georgians who still have not received a dose.

Emory doctors say some people who did want to get vaccinated hesitated because the shots were under “Emergency use authorization.”

“The vaccine has undergone rigorous approval and vetted completely and highest criteria of FDA approval,” said Dr. Coleen Kelley, Infectious Disease Experts, Emory University Hospital.

But now with full approval for the Pfizer dose, some say they feel more comfortable at getting the shot.

“Many people have questions on the transparency on the data and how it works and how safe they are. These data have indicated that they are very few and very in severity,” said Dr. Aneesh Mehta Infectious Disease Experts, Emory University Hospital.

“Full FDA of the Pfizer vaccine is critical to enhance confidence 85 million who have not been vaccinated to get the vaccine.” said Dr. Kelley.

The vaccine is approved for those 16 and older without the use of E-U-A, while those who are 12-years-and older are still eligible under emergency use.

“The USA FDA approval says its safe and effective for all populations. Whichever reason people choose to get the vaccine, it will help us open the economy and keep kids in school and help us end this pandemic,” said Dr. Mehta.

“We will not be on the other side and until everyone is vaccinated and we will see new variants,” said Dr. Kelley.

The F-D-A is still waiting on clinical trial data for children under 12 who are not yet eligible to get vaccinated.