AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — President Biden is cracking down on ghost guns — the hard to trace firearms that are increasingly being recovered at crime scenes across the country.

“Most of these people who buy this buy it with the full intent never to register it and never to serialize it,” President of Sidney’s Department Store Steven Fishman said.

Ghost guns are made of parts you can buy in kits and assemble yourself.

“The ghost gun that is sold through the mail has tools for you to manufacture, it has blueprints, it has guides so you know where to drill a hole. That’s how a ghost gun is assembled,” Fishman said.

The key part of a ghost gun is the lower receiver — it does not have a serial number on it making it untraceable.

“The ghost receiver by itself is just an inanimate object, but when it’s put into a firearm and made to function as a firearm it’s made to be off the radar screen of the federal government,” Fishman said.

President Biden’s new rule would expand the definition of a firearm to include unfinished parts like a ghost receiver.

The rule would require those parts to be licensed and include serial numbers as well as include a background check for anyone who buys one.

Biden is hoping the measure will help curb the recent gun violence seen across the country.

“Is it extreme to protect police officers. Is it extreme to protect our children? To keep guns out of the hands of people who couldn’t even pass a background check,” President Biden said.

ATF recovered about 20,000 suspected ghost guns in 2021.