What you need to know about lice

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – There’s new information out that suggests lice is becoming harder to treat. Super lice can be found in most states, including right here in Alabama.

Strains of super lice are resistant to over-the-counter treatments making the pests even more difficult to get rid of, which is why special urgent care centers are popping up.

Renae Byers, a pediatric nurse, and owner of The Lice Centers of America in Birmingham says finding the right treatment is crucial and can save parents time and money.

“Some over the counter products will get rid of the live bugs but they don’t kill the nits, so you’ve got to get the nits out or there’s going to be another hatching within another 7-10 days,” said Byers.

Byers uses the AirAlle Treatment, which is similar to a dehydration method. It kills off the lice themselves and nits. Byers says one treatment will do the job and will cost around $200.

For many parents, the first stop after finding out their child has lice is the local pharmacy to pick-up a traditional treatment.

Lisa Houston is a parent of two kids with lice, she’s spent the entire summer trying to get rid of it.

“I will have to say over the summer I would probably say we’ve spent 1200 dollars on trying to fix this,” said Houston.

That $1,200 includes doctors visits, prescriptions and over the counter treatments.

As more kids head back to school, it’s prime time for lice to spread.

“Lice is primarily transmitted through head to head contact, there is a chance that it could be coming from using someone else’s brush or putting on another baseball cap or helmet,” said Byers.

Many schools require parents to show proof that their child has received treatment of lice and will also have a school nurse check their hair.

“You don’t go to birthday parties you don’t do that thing and the problem is there are parents out there that get it and say oh well my kids won’t hug another kid so that kid won’t get it but you don’t know what they’re going to do on the playground,” said Houston.

Byers suggests using a metal nit comb often to monitor your child’s hair several times a month.

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