AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A mother and her three children are displaced after damage to their apartment.
It happened at Falcon Crest Apartments. A tree fell into a child’s bedroom.

“This is all my kids, this is all we have and at the end of the day, I’m glad nobody was hurt but what me and my kids supposed to do now,” said Asia Keith.

This is what Asia and her children came home to Friday evening after that heavy hail storm.

She says, “My kids was with my mom. So, my mom needed help bringing the kids into the house. When I came in the house.So when I came in the house… my son seen the tree and it was still raining so he’s getting poured on it’s flooding in the bottom.”

That’s when Asia went upstairs to check out the damage herself,

“And the whole ceiling done fell on a fresh bed. I just bought the bed. I just bought the mattress. We been having problems with this same apartment since I moved in. I only been here for 30 days,” she said.

She says she’s been having issues with leaking in the apartment before the storm hit. So, she knew the roof needed some work. She says after looking at the damages from the storm she went to the front office asking for help.

“,She says, “They didn’t want to open the door, I had to kick the door in to make them understand that it was an emergency and I asked them what does the complex do at this point. They laughed and said unfortunately they do not have the inventory.”

Keith says she works for this complex painting some of the apartments.

“And I know you have something. So, at the end of the day God is blessing me, because I’m alive. My kids are alive because I could’ve been in that bed. My kids couldve been laying beside me in bed and we can’t move that fast that tree could’ve hurt us. So at the end of the day God is good and it’ll be okay, I hope it’ll be okay,” she said.

After seeing our weather coverage, Commissioner Francine Scott offered Keith and her family emergency housing. We will keep you updated with her story.