AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)– Augusta National Golf Club is famous for plenty of reasons, including the food. So we want to find out– what do you have to try while you’re at the Masters?

“Oh everything, everything is fantastic. All the sandwiches are fantastic, everything is good,” Jim Swearingen said.

“All of it. Everything you don’t have an allergy to, you should try,” Sterling Dye said.

We asked–  what’re patrons go-tos and what do first timers have to try?

“I think you have to have a pimento cheese sandwich and an unsweetened Arnold Palmer. But there are a few really good things. The breakfast sandwiches,” Philip Mancuso said.

“I would be lying if I didn’t say the egg salad sandwich,” Jamie Lawson said.

“We got the pimento cheese sandwiches. I just finished a breakfast sandwich already. They live up to the hype. They’re pretty good. We might try to try everything on the menu,” Andy & Claire Kock said.

“My favorite is the barbecue sandwich and the breakfast sandwich. It was my first time having that, but it was outstanding,” Dye said.

But there seems to be a clear standout.

“Honestly, pimento cheese sandwiches. They’re the go to,” Charlie Barnett said.

“The pimento cheese sandwich for sure,” Kayla Scott said.

“I already have it. A pimento sandwich. I have to try it. It’s a staple here at the Masters, I had to do it,” Jacob Neal said.

“Pimento cheese sandwich,” Matthew Piccione said.

And there you have it. The number one recommendation we heard from patrons is the pimento cheese sandwich. Coming in second place is the egg salad sandwich.