WJBF- Some local peach farmers are experiencing huge losses this year. 

Farmers say this season has been one of their toughest and while there’s some question whether Georgia or South Carolina is the peach state share why this year was one of their most significant losses.  

“They really should be referred to as the pecan state. South Carolina is definitely the Peach State, we’re also the tastier peach state,” COO Titan Farms Ross Williams said.

Throughout the past year, peaches in Georgia and across the state line, were harder to come by due to the extreme winter weather. 

“We actually lost about 70% of our crop due to those two freezes,” Williams said. 

Titan Farms COO Ross Williams tells us crops like peaches sprout best in a certain type of weather. 

“A peach, and a peach tree, actually needs a certain number of hours before 45 degrees during the wintertime to actually be able to get the proper rest it needs in order to produce a beneficial crop the following year.” 

And that’s why Georgia’s overall peach production was so low. 

“And Georgia did not receive the chilling requirement that was needed on any of their fruit. So, they really kinda got a double whammy between a lack of chilling and then a freeze in nearly spring,” Williams said. 

But Williams and his team work hard with what they do have, despite the overall lower peach production rate. 

“Here at Titan, we’re very blessed that we have a good portion of our crop over in Santee, South Carolina, and we did not get near the effect from the freeze in Santee,” Williams said.

Farmers say since summer is right around the corner, it’s important to them to make sure people have the fruits they need at the quality they expect.