What does Net Neutrality mean for internet users?


Augusta, GA (WJBF) – Net neutrality is a hot topic after the FCC repealed the rules to require equal access to all web content. With internet access at our fingertips, the next question you may have is how will net neutrality affect me?

After calling around to local internet providers, we wanted to know how companies felt about net neutrality.

AT&T even sent us a statement regarding the same trending topic.

But the question lies, what is net neutrality?

“Its basic concept that all data in the internet is supposed to be equal””when it was brought in it was the idea that providers couldn’t charge more for other people services going over the internet,” said Matthew Blanco,  Manager at 4T’s computer.

But as of Thursday the FCC dismantled those rules of net neutrality regulations.

“It’s a way that the internet providers handle the traffic and your data when they’re transporting it on the internet,” said Dr. John Krauthtim, Augusta University Cyber Institute.

The FCC’s decision doesn’t spell immediate doom, according to providers like WOW and AT&T dramatic changes will not happen in the near future.

“I always believe that technology should be moving forward but as an individual living in a house paying rent, just because I want to use somebody else’s service doesn’t mean i should have to pay more for that,” said Matthew Blanco, Manager at 4T’s Computer.

However, Matthew Blanco of 4T’s computers says from a consumer stand point, when net neutrality does repeal, your money goes into making the services better.

“Technology balance the money and that’s the way i saw it, do you want more technology or do you want to save money and how do you balance that if you wanna meet it right in the middle,” said Matthew Blanco,  Manager at 4T’s computer.

The courts could take a year or more to render a final verdict, with the case possibly ending up in front of the Supreme Court.

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