AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Westside High School has a lot to celebrate.

This is the eighth year they’ve been recognized as an AP Honor School.

“We’re particularly an AP Challenge School, and what that means is for a small school, less than 900, we offer a very wide range AP curriculum options,” says Assistant Principal Travis Wiggins.

Westside’s AP Academy prepares students for college, the work force, and more, but what the program is really all about is the students.

“The students are the most important part of what we do here and we try to help them find the pathway after high school, whatever that might be, for each individual student,” says Wiggins.

Assistant Principal Wiggins told us the students he’s spoken with are very excited about what the AP Academy has to offer.

“I personally love the AP Academy because I feel like it creates a good work ethic. I feel like it gives students responsibility, and it teaches them discipline,” says Anli Sanjuan Hernandez.

“The AP Academy is really good because it has a great culture and great camaraderie. So, even though you’re in stressful environments and AP classes, it’s tougher than what you normally have, you have a core group of people you’re going through it with. So, it really brings us, as an academy, closer together,” Sean Medcalfe says.

“Our goal for any student as they enter, whether it’s freshmen or they enrolled at a later date, we want them to find the right path for them. Whether that be AP or a different route, we want them to find that path. We want to prepare them to have the soft skills and hard skills that are going to prepare them for the new career options that are changing everyday,” Wiggins says.

The students aren’t the only ones who love the program.

Their teachers love it, as well.

“They really pay attention to us and our needs, not only as a class but as a student, which makes it easier on us. That way we can learn, and it makes the classroom environment so much better,” says Hernandez.

“The information covered, I really felt like if I learned it, I could help change the world at least a little bit, and it’s opened me up to what I want to do in college and my career,” says Medcalfe.

Westside High School Academy prepares students for the future and the participants in the program are thankful for everything they’ve learned.

“Thank you so much for always supporting me and for always trying to help me and make myself a better person,” Hernandez says.