West Augusta park also has serious maintenance problems


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – If you go to west Augusta to visit Brookfield Park, you may find trash cans overflowing and litter and food on the ground.

“French fries, there’s paper bags over there it looks like somebody had a party and left half there things here,” said Ingrid Stulb, who was at the park with her grandchild.

When city leaders toured Bernie Ward center last week, some shocked by by how dirty it was.

“I’m embarrassed to see the things I’ve seen already,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

The center only has a temp worker for cleaning, no full time maintenance person.

Warren Road has a full time maintenance person and the center was better kept up,

“As you can see it’s night and day with the Bernie Ward Facility and the Warren Road Facility,” said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

City leaders didn’t tour Brookfield Park, if they had they would have found the bathrooms not working. Regulars say its been like this for a while.

“I was here six weeks ago and the bathroom was broke,” said Park regular Vini Schwertner, who is from Brazil.

“Several weeks. I was pregnant, right at the end of my pregnancy, last time I used it. So weeks, yeah I have a three month old,” said Kelly Rabun.

The bathrooms are out of order, but that doesn’t mean people haven’t been going in there. And a visit can take your breath away,

“I’m telling you, it is the worse thing I’ve ever seen, there is feces on the floor, on one area and the toilets in there which visible, are disgusting,” said Stulb.

“The bathroom is broke,” said Schwertner,Its in bad condition?

“Yes”, he said,

“At least clean it up, but it’s really the men’s is worse than the women’s. It’s something that needs to be addressed,” said Stulb.

Tuesday, commissioners directed the city administrator to come up with a priority list of safety issues at Bernie Ward,  and an estimated cost of repairing them for next weeks committee meetings.

We’re waiting on word on what action will be taken at Brookfield Park.

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