AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — For nearly two years people living in the Harrisburg area had to deal with this eyesore — trash and debris piling up behind an abandoned home destroyed by a fire.

“This was something that clearly had been longstanding and then the debris and the garbage that was on the property gave us our cause for immediate action,” District one Commissioner Jordan Johnson said.

It gained the attention of District one commissioner Jordan Johnson.

Now what used to be an eyesore has been demolished and cleaned up.

“We’re listening, we’re paying attention and we’re responding,” Johnson said.

Ronnie Patterson has lived in Harrisburg all his life — he said seeing the property cleaned up is a relief.

“You have family members living around trash and stuff like that they can be exposed to all kinds of viruses and stuff, so it was good thing that the city or whoever did it cleaned it up,” Patterson said.

Johnson said the house is just one example of how he plans to continue to focus on blight in the Harrisburg neighborhood.

“With the amount of blight we have in our neighborhoods, we could see those numbers decrease in a year if we focus our efforts in specific areas versus scattering those efforts across the county in x amount of months,” Johnson said.

Neighbors said with multiple abandoned homes in the area the work is needed.

“All communities need to be cleaned up especially with abandoned houses because you don’t know what or who is living in there,” Patterson said.

Johnson said with the help of the blight ordinance funding that work will continue next year.