Wear Blue: A run Augustans will not forget

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)-- Picture after picture, runners see the faces of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The "Wear Blue: Run to Remember" is a mile you won't forget-- as you embark on the journey, faces and dates stare up and tell a story.

Truck Carlson was at the Augusta Canal setting up for the run at 4 a.m., but he said it was worth it.

"Putting out those pictures of my brothers and sisters who weren't able to make it is a very moving, humbling, wonderful yet painful experience," Carlson described.

Carlson knows first-hand the fight these people endured-- He served for 30 years, through 4 wars.

"I was lucky I did not know any of the ones I put down," Carlson said. "I did lose brothers and sisters over there, though."

But for Erik Adams, Co-President of the Augusta Chapter's Wear Blue Run, he said for him, the run is a celebration.

"A lot of times we attach the death of our fallen to sadness, but this is a time to celebrate their lives, to honor them and bring up old memories," Adams told us.

He said me he requested five posters,ranging from now back to 1964. The last person pictured lost his life this past month.

The first half of the mile is posters of loved ones requested by runners and volunteers. And during the last half, volunteers cheer on runners while holding American flags.

"This is cathartic in a way. It shows our community that freedom isn't free," Truck said. "It comes with a tremendous price."

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