AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Family and friends of Robert Wright stood outside the Aiken County Courthouse demanding answers in his death.

Reginald Greene, the attorney representing Wright’s family says there are still a lot of unanswered questions after the 34-year-old was shot and killed during an encounter with an A-T-F agent and a U-S Marshall officer.

” The more information we get the more questions we have, “Greene said.

The family said during the encounter Wright was shot 38 times, but according to Greene SLED said they have no dash cam or body cam video from the shooting.

” The fact that they don’t have footage raises questions. Were they properly equipped? Was the equipment working and if wasn’t why not? And if it wasn’t on why not,” Green said.

SLED investigators said Wright was armed and was shot multiple times while federal agents were trying to serve an arrest warrant.

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Greene said SLED has never indicated if Wright returned gunfire.

” We haven’t gotten any indication of him firing on anyone. The official statement is that they were attempting to apprehend an armed suspect, but they didn’t’ say there was any exchange of gunfire. That hasn’t been released,” Greene said.

SLED has not released the names of the agents involved in the shooting.

” Normally in these cases we’re given the names of these officers. We’re able to pull personnel records and see if they have any previous issues,” Greene said.

Greene and the family say the next step may be to take legal action.

” The next step is to find the officers responsible and seek charges for excessive force. They gave Robert 38 shots. I would like to see them get 38 years,” Wright’s cousin Tiffany Cail said.

” Once we get the full factual picture if it was indeed justified then that’s it, but if it wasn’t justified then all those responsible need to be held accountable both civilly and criminally,” Green said.