WATCH: Pilot draws out tribute to George Floyd using only his airplane


Video Courtesy: Dimitri Neonakis/Foreflight via CNN Newsource

NOVA SCOTIA (CNN) — A pilot in Canada took to the skies in support of protests rallying against the death of George Floyd.

Dimitri Neonakis, who lives in Nova Scotia, flew a flight path Thursday in the shape of a raised fist.

The sign has become a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement and a symbol against racism.

Neonakis said “there are no borders when it comes to racism.”

It took him over two hours to finish the image.

Because the drawing was done on a flight path, only radar could detect it. followed Neonakis during his entire journey and documented the picture.

After completing the flight, Neonakis shared it on Twitter with the caption: “I see a world of one race with many colours in which everyone of us can ‘breathe free.'”

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