CHICAGO (NewsNation Now)  — It’s the one with the penguins! Four penguins from Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium took a field trip down to the ‘The Friends Experience’, a museum dedicated to ’90’s sitcom turned cultural phenomenon.

The penguins — Fitz, Mercedes, Howard and Georgia — waddled through the exact replicas of the iconic set, stopping at the treasured orange ‘Friends’ couch, the signature ‘Central Perk’ coffee shop and Monica’s NYC apartment.

The penguins have previously visited Chicago’s Natural History Museum, Soldier Field and checked in on other creatures at the Shedd Aquarium.

While these outings are fun for us to watch, their caretakers say its also good for the penguins as it adds some variety to their day.

The Shedd Aquarium and the exhibit partnered together to send a message about safely exploring the city as it begins to reopen.

Tickets are for sale for $35 online with the exhibition running through the end of May in the Windy City. The website says it is following all COVID-19 protocol and coined it “Monica Clean”