President Trump touts regulation rollbacks amid pandemic


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — In front of a dramatic display on the south lawn of the White House, President Donald Trump highlighted regulation rollbacks on Thursday.

“For every one new regulation added, nearly eight federal regulations have been terminated,” President Trump said.

The president has reduced regulations on everything from food stamps to environmental protections.

White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow said Trump’s steps are a “huge job creator.” Deregulation helps everyday Americans, he added.

“People at home, what do you use? Everybody uses electricity, alright? And electricity was completely deregulated,” Kudlow said.

Just this week, the president announced changes to speed up the environmental review process for infrastructure projects.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “it was the wrong thing to do.”

As the administration celebrates its economic progress, critics say they’re not doing enough to help families survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Alexandra Gaines with the Center for American Progress said Americans need unemployment insurance and direct payments, not regulatory changes.

“Those are the things that have been really critical to make sure that people are able to maintain some kind of economic security at a time like this,” Gaines said.

Kudlow said another round of direct payments to taxpayers is likely to be included in the next stimulus package passed through Congress.

“We’re looking at that and consulting with our Republican Senate colleagues to see how this is gonna play out,” Kudlow added.

But Kudlow couldn’t say how much American’s can expect to get this time.

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