WARREN COUNTY (WJBF)- “ this is my first time ever experiencing a storm or a tornado and just coming in the yard and seeing all of the debris being blowed across the yard it was pretty bad I’ve never seen it before” said Ricky Jones, lives near Warrenton.

 Ricky Jones lives in Warrenton and is cleaning up the damage left behind after a tornado hit Thursday.

Jones is not alone. 

“we have a hand full of homes that have some miner to moderate damage to homes itself just shingles that are missing a little bit of damage so a couple of trees did hit a few houses” said Crystal Ladousier, Warren County EMA.

Jones owns a transportation company to help people with dialysis. Now, four trees are on top of the transportation buses. 

“ I don’t think with the extent to the damages I don’t think it could be fix but it’s probably gonna be totaled out” said Jones.

Crews have restored all power in the area , they are still making sure no powerlines are down.

“ everybody has power again I talk to the power company they were on their last section and that’s been about two or three hours ago so everything should have power now”said Ladousier.

“ I don’t expect him to come out and clean up so I guess that’s where I come in it’s my residence so I have to do the cleaning up here” said Jones.