Waiting for drainage work months after start of storm fee


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF)  Rain can be a big pain at Susan Fleming’s home.

One big problem, the ditch running next to her property, a ditch that she wishes the city properly maintained.

“It gets overgrown and snakes and mosquito infestations I’ve called the county I’ve offered them to come take care of it and they haven’t,” said Fleming who lives on Virginia Avenue.

Like thousands in Augusta Fleming is paying the storm water fee to cover the costs of maintaining the storm system but there’s a lot of work to get to.

“Currently right now we have well over about 3000 with of these issues out there,” said Engineering Department Director Abie Ladson.

With all the work a commission committee has approved spending 3 million dollars in storm fee funding to hire 9 private contractors to take on those issues like cleaning ditches, and blocked storm drains.

“One of the biggest issues we’ve have is things clogging up out system  and these on called contractors will be out in each and every ditch in Richmond County we’ve responsible for,” said Commissioner Sammie Sias.

There are a lot of drainage ditches in Augusta hat need addressing and some commissioners feel the contractors are late getting into the game.

“This should have already been happening I think people need to see this I mean they’re paying for it,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

“With this increase what have we seen with the increase and I haven’t seen anything,” said Fleming.

The full commission is expected to approve the private contractors next week they should be on the job next month and city engineer say this is just the -first half – of contractors that will be hired using storm water funds.

The money is coming in city engineer say for June the city collected 89 percent of the storm water fee that was billed.

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