AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — This election season voters could see changes to the district they vote in.

It’s all because of redistricting — every ten years district lines are redrawn based on census data.

” With redistricting it’s all based on population. We have to redistribute the voters so that every district will be of equal size,” Richmond County Board of Elections director Travis Doss said.

The new redistricting plan signed into law by Governor Kemp redraws the boundary lines for the Richmond County Board of Commissioners and Board of Education districts.

That means this election season you may be in a different district.

” So, when they get their precinct card the first digit of the polling place or precinct will tell them what district they’re in,” Doss said.

A voter precinct information card will give voters the information they need on their new district assignment.

” If their precinct card says they’re in 601 then they’re in the 6th commission district,” Doss said.

Voters in Columbia County could also see some changes — redistricting redrew lines for their commission and board of education districts.

The county also added new precincts because of historic growth in the area.

” We added three new precincts to the roster going from 47 precincts to 50 and this was mainly due to population growth in certain areas of the county,” Columbia County Board of Elections director Nancy Gay said.

Voters in Columbia County can also find their voting locations for election day on their precinct card.

” Every registered voter in Columbia County and actually the state of Georgia will receive new precinct cards. They’re going out this week for Columbia and that will indicate their assigned voting locations,” Gay said.

The deadline to register to vote is April 25.