Volunteers relocate evacuee animals while waiting on legal documents


Aiken, South Carolina (WJBF) – NewsChannel 6 is continuing to follow what is happening to dozens of dogs that were taken to the Aiken County Fairgrounds in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

We told you Sunday that those dogs were taken to the fairgrounds from a rescue in Claxton, Georgia. But now, they are being housed in two separate locations. And the director of one local animal rescue says the dogs are likely to stay in limbo for a while.

The fate of more than 40 dogs brought to the Aiken County Fairgrounds last week during Hurricane Irma remains in question tonight. The dogs were brought to Aiken County from a rescue organization called “Saving Our Souls” in Claxton, Georgia. They’ve since been moved to the homes of two volunteers, due to previous bookings at the Fairgrounds.

“So they were brought to us in order to keep them safe, once the storm came the rescue obviously was affected by that storm and couldn’t take them back, so they were in a state of Limbo,” Gretchen Iakovidis – Director of Team StinkyKiss.

The director of Team Stinky Kiss say they had custody but no legal rights while the dogs were at the fairgrounds. Now, the two volunteers who are housing the animals have the same issue.

“However they wouldn’t give us legal rights to them to place them into legal rescues, good homes, that sort of thing, we had legal rights to a select few that they allowed us to have because we were able to tell them we had specific homes for them or specific rescues that they approved of,” said Gretchen Iakovidis, Director of Team StinkyKiss.

I spoke by phone with the volunteer who brought those dogs to Aiken County.

“My focus is help the dogs that need help, help them get them to rescues get them the medical they need,” said Jeanna Scott ,Volunteer transported the animals to the Aiken County Fairgrounds.

Now, the volunteers who are housing the dogs are waiting to get the rights to send them to local rescues or shelters. But they still need your donations to help care for them.

“They still need your help, these dogs are still dogs in need,” Gretchen Iakovidis, Director of Team StinkyKiss.

“So far all the dogs that we’re handling for the most part they’ll all jump in your lap, give you kisses, starve for love, starve for attention and they just want to be loved,”  said Jeanna Scott ,Volunteer transported the animals to the Aiken County Fairgrounds.

If you want to donate or volunteer with the animals contact is listed below:

Tractor Supply in Thomson, Georgia. 676 Washington Rd, Thomson, GA 30824

(706) 595-1151

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