WADLEY, Ga. (WJBF) – A local football player died after practice at his college in Virginia over the weekend. But Quandarius Wilburn’s legacy lives on in Jefferson County.

“Respectful, intelligent, loving, funny great sense of humor. Never in any trouble, he was the model kid,” said Wadley Mayor Harold Moore.

Many say there are big shoes to fill in Wadley after a favorite son, Quandarius Wilburn, died after he collapsed during football practice. It happened August 8th in Richmond Virginia.

Mayor Moore said, “He didn’t have any health problems. I like to believe it was natural cause. Knowing Quinn, Quinn was probably on the field giving his all, and maybe that the thing. He probably should’ve been rested but Quin was going to push it.”

Wadley Mayor Harold Moore is Wilburn’s godfather and helped raise him. 

“His nickname we always called him Quin-Jeezy. His mom was a single parent but she did an outstanding job raising him. She did an outstanding job so I really just solicit prayers for her because she’s having a hard time with this,” said Mayor Moore.

They may not be blood but Mayor Moore’s son Caleb saw Quin as a big brother.

Caleb Moore remembered some fun times with Quandarius, “We were pranking each other and I had some ice-cold water and I poured it on his head. Then he got up and he started hitting me, he just wouldn’t stop haha.”

Many other people at Thursday’s vigil also have fond memories of Quin.

His former teacher, Oraleethia Morgan remembered Quandarius’ time in the classroom, “He was a really positive presence. He would come to by my classroom sometimes morning, afternoon, ‘Hey Ms. Morgan!’ And you just never know how a good morning can be. He would always just exude positivity.”

Quin’s talents on Jefferson County High’s football field got the attention of some recruiters. He signed a scholarship to play at Virginia Union University and was enrolled as a freshman at the time of his death. He was only 19 years old. 

“I’m just shook. It still doesn’t feel real. He was just here with us,” said Caleb Moore.

News outlets in Virginia report Quin died of cardiac arrest.

A young man. A promising future. A part of Wadley who will never be forgotten.