AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- The Augusta community comes together to celebrate a woman whose life was taken from her at the Knights Inn.

A family’s fight for justice after losing their loved one to what they say is a hate crime.

“I just saw such an incredible light in her and I– and when we found out about this, this terrible killing, um I called Walter and, and I was like ‘we have to do something,’” Kevin de l’Aigle said.

Keshia Chanel Geter– a transgender woman– dies July 20 after being shot outside Knights Inn. The community and her family held a vigil to honor her at St. Paul Episcopal Church in downtown Augusta.

“I think it was really wonderful that so many of the community came out to lift up Keshia’s family. We had people from Scottlynn’s family and from Felycya Harris’s. Felicia’s mom was here. So, all three of the trans women who have been murdered in the last two years– we had representatives of their family,” de l’Aigle said.

The community also honored two other people, also transgender women, killed in Augusta. Ceremony organizers say the CSRA has become a target for transgender abuse. 

“Just to have, three, three trans people just in the last two years– Augusta’s been identified as a hotspot for trans murders,” de l’Aigle said.

But physical attack isn’t the only way their community is harmed. Walter Santiago, co-organizer for the vigil says it’s also through use or misuse of words.

“To mis-identify a transgender person– it’s also known as deadnaming– um it’s a, it’s an unfortunately common instance that happens um especially maliciously sometimes”.

Now, alongside Keisha’s family– the aim is to continue bringing to light these types of situations.