SOUTH CAROLINA (WJBF) – What a huge surprise! For two years, the University of South Carolina’s (USC) mascot has been a mystery…and last week HER identity was revealed.

It turns out “Cocky” was none other than North Augusta native, Sarah Sylvester!

In an article from USC, entitled,”Cocky: Out of the Box“, Sarah says when she puts on the costume and dons the field, she becomes a whole different person, “In the moment, I take on a new character and it doesn’t really feel like what I’m doing is absolutely insane.”

Last week, Sarah was awarded her bachelors degree in biomedical engineering and “Cocky’s” head came off! She strutted across the arena floor in the those big yellow feet and showed her face to the world.

Her mother, Rebecca, couldn’t be prouder. In her Facebook post she says, “Sarah decided while she was home after the campus closed for COVID, that she wanted to be Cocky. She wouldn’t rest until she landed an audition in front of the entire football and cheer team, and she was selected. By herself, she has flown and driven across the country to weddings, donor and alumni events, all the sports, mascot competitions and other special activities to include ringing the opening bell on the NY Stock Exchange. Today (graduation day) was bittersweet as she passed the torch to her “little.” Words can’t express how proud I am of her, and how grateful I am she had this opportunity.”

How can Sarah’s story get any better? Tuesday night she talked with ABC World News’ David Muir about her experience as “Cocky” and said she is so happy she brought smiles to millions of faces.

According to USC’s article, Sarah is continuing her education, pursuing a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering. She plans to complete the degree in just one year thanks to the accelerated graduate program.

Sarah’s mother, Rebecca Sylvester is well known in the medical community as an employee of Piedmont Augusta.

Congratulations Sylvester family!!!