AIKEN, SC. (WJBF)- “The summer’s gone by really fast, so it really hit me, like, at a blink of an eye. But, uh, moving in– it’ll be fun, I’ll get used to it,” Freshman Justin Byrd said.

Saturday is day one of college move-in at USC’s Aiken. Students are spread out amongst the different halls.  

“Everybody here, it’s like family almost. So, especially if you’re like a freshman, there’s no need to be like nervous or anything because you’re surrounded by a good community,” Sophomore Jay Udh said. 

First-year Resident Mentor Ca’Nasia Fulton said this year’s move- in was a lot different from her Freshman move-in.

“When I moved in as a freshman, it was covid, it wasn’t like a big set up everything was like spread out. But now, I’m excited, like covid is gone– we’re back in business– um, we’re having a larger crowd with incoming freshmans this year,” Junior Ca’Nasia Fulton said.

Fulton says her experience will help mentor incoming freshman. 

“Just to be able to be there and help people, um ‘cause I was a freshman once– you know– I didn’t want to talk to nobody, I stayed in my room. So, I just want to help them come out and like be on campus and get involved.”

Byrd says his transition will be easier because he’s joined by two high school baseball teammates. 

“We already have a good connection together, so hopefully we just bring it together on the, uh, college field and just keep it moving.”

Classes begin Thursday, August 18th.