#UPDATED ON 6: Young Boy Bitten By Shark Near Isle of Palms


Isle of Palms, S.C. – Kysen Weakley, 12, describes the moments after he was bitten by a shark, “I felt like a pringe in my leg.”

The young boy and his family were visiting Charleston from Utah…

“I like turned around and saw the sharks fin, like, swimming away,” Kysen added.

Photo of the shark teeth marks on Kysen Weakley's leg (Courtesy: Weakley family)
Photo of the shark teeth marks on Kysen Weakley’s leg (Courtesy: Weakley family)

Just after 6:00 p.m. Tuesday night, Kysen and his 7-year-old cousin were swimming in knee deep water.

“Because, we were going to leave at 6 and I was, like no, let’s give them 15 more minutes,” said Kysen’s mother, Alene Weakley.

But, in those 15 extra minutes…that’s when the 12-year-old boy was attacked by a shark.

“Then, my leg was covered in blood,” Kysen said.

“And I just saw the teeth marks in his leg…and the blood starting to come down,” said Alene.

Kysen’s aunt, Meredith Weakley, and his mom ran towards him in the ocean, Kysen’s leg bleeding from the bite.

“And, I like, crawled kind of until I couldn’t really crawl anymore,” Kysen said.

“I was like, ‘you just got that? And, he said, ‘yeah’, and he pulled up his swimsuit and was just bleeding,” Alene added.

Family members rushed him towards the lifeguard stand with Kysen remaining calm.

“Saw the injury was bleeding, did some minor first aid on site by applying pressure to control the bleeding. It’s not common at all for us,” said Cynthia Wilson, who is the Isle of Palms County Park manager.

Isle of Palms lifeguards and first responders were the ones who identified it as a shark bite. Officials say, while this is the second shark attack in Charleston County this year, it’s still highly uncommon.

“I’ve been here at this park is a manager for 18 years, now, and this is only the second bike that we’ve ever had,” Wilson added.

Kysen only had to get 8 stiches over 5 of the bite marks, and says he’s doing okay, despite the circumstances. “I’m feeling good. It ind of hurts to straighten my leg all the way.”

But still, Kysen says the attack makes him nervous. “Will happen again? Oh no. Is it going to come back, or am I going to get bit again by a shark? But, I think for the most part, I’m fine with getting back in the ocean.”

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