UPDATE: Internal investigation into former EMA Director Pam Tucker resignation won’t be complete any time soon


COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. –  Columbia County investigators say the internal investigation between the county and resignation of  former EMA Director Pam Tucker and former Assistant EMA Director Rusty Welsh won’t be complete any time soon.

Major Steve Morris says it could be at least two weeks before both investigations are complete.

Morris says investigators are waiting to complete both claims of hostile work environment before turning them over to Columbia County Chairman Ron Cross.

When asked if they could be complete by next Friday, Morris says that would be overly optimistic.

Last month, Tucker turned in her resignation to Cross, citing a hostile work environment at the hands of County Administrator Scott Johnson.

NewsChannel 6 obtained the personnel files of both Tucker and Johnson and found no signs of a hostile work environment.

In December, Welsh turned in his resignation, citing a hostile work environment under Tucker.

Both resignations are now being looked into by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office Internal Investigation Division.

There is nothing criminal being investigated, however the county requested a neutral and non-biased third party to look into Tucker and Welsh’s claims.

NewsChannel 6 will continue to keep you updated.

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