Yearly COVID-19 shot could be here to stay according to medical experts

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– The CDC says it is safe and effective to get your COVID shot and your flu shot on the same day. Medical experts say there may even be an annual COVID shot in the future, just like there’s a yearly flu shot.

“I think it’s going to be modeled after the approach that we use with influenza,” infectious disease specialist at AU Health, Dr. Rodger MacArthur. “They are very different viruses, but it makes sense to me, every year to have a vaccine that targets one or two or three of the very commonly circulating world wide variants of the virus.”

But what if the two shots were combined? That could be an option in the future.

“Would be convenient, right? To have one shot and you’re done for the year,” infectious disease specialist at AU Health, Dr. Jose Vazquez said.

Moderna says it’s working on combining the COVID booster shot with the flu vaccine.

“It’s too soon to see what we’re going to be doing annually, but it’s possible that we may be actually getting, booster is not a good term, but annual vaccinations against COVID, just like we do with influenza,” Dr. Vazquez said.

One woman told NewsChannel 6 she’d get the combined shot to protect herself and her loved ones. Another woman says she’s skeptical, because in the beginning there were only supposed to be two COVID shots. She says she feels that was misleading, because there’s now a booster available.

But for now, doctors recommend getting your flu and COVID shots, even on the same day.

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