What we know about the man who pretended to be the missing Timmothy Pitzen

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(ABC NEWS) The mystery of a young man who claimed he was a missing boy is still unraveling, leaving questions and raw emotions in its wake.

Police reported Thursday that the person who identified himself as Timmothy Pitzen, who disappeared when he was 6 years old in 2011 and would be 14 years old now, was in fact a 23-year-old from Ohio.

A DNA test proved the young man was not Pitzen. Rather, he is Brian Michael Rini, and this wasn’t his first run-in with law enforcement.

According to Medina, Ohio, police chief Ed Kinney, Rini “has an extensive criminal history with Medina police and documented mental issues,” he told ABC station WLS.

“He has between 50 and 60 interactions with Medina police, more than nine pages,” Kinney told WLS.

The suspect’s family echoed that sentiment and noted he had been receiving unspecified treatment for undisclosed issues.

“He was receiving treatment but then he stopped and started getting in more trouble,” his brother Jonathan Rini told ABC station WEWS.

“I told the family that I’m sorry for what he’s done,” Jonathan Rini said.

Police are expected to give an update on the case Friday morning. There have been no statements about any possible charges involved in the case.

For their part, relatives of Pitzen gave a statement after the DNA test made it clear he was not a match, expressing their disappointment and their empathy for Rini.

“We hope that everyone will join us in praying for the young man,” Timmothy Pitzen’s aunt Kara Jacobs said of Brian Rini.

“I don’t think that anything involving a child is a hoax and I will reserve all judgement and pray for the young man,” she said Thursday.

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