(NEXSTAR) – A group of thrill-seekers are thankfully uninjured after an apparent ride malfunction at a festival in Michigan.

The incident took place on Thursday night at Traverse City’s National Cherry Festival, according to witnesses on social media. Footage taken by multiple festival attendees shows the ride — a Magic Carpet carnival-style ride which carries passengers on a swinging pendulum — rocking back and forth as the pendulum continued to lift riders into the air.


Several bystanders could also be heard screaming when the ride appeared to be tilting backward on its base.

As seen in a separate video, more than a dozen onlookers soon climbed onto the front of the ride, attempting to provide a counterweight to the swinging pendulum.

As reported by UpNorthLive.com, the ride eventually came to a stop. No one was injured during the incident.

Viewers on social media, meanwhile, were largely appalled by the apparent malfunction, but appreciative of the bystanders’ efforts.

“The people jumping on to stabilize the ride are awesome. Heroic!” wrote one viewer on Twitter.

“The people running to hold it were so brave,” another commented on TikTok. “If that had gone over forwards it could have crushed them.”

The ride was shut down for the rest of the evening, according to attendees on social media. It had been disassembled by Friday morning, UpNorthLive.com further reported.

Representatives for the Cherry Festival were not immediately available for additional comment on Friday morning, nor were representatives for Arnold Amusements, Inc., who reportedly provided the ride.

The Traverse City National Cherry Festival ends on July 10.