NEW YORK (WJBF) – By now, you’ve heard of Davon and Tavon Woods…the twins from South Carolina who are making literal strides to raise awareness about the country’s foster care system.

The brothers’ goal is to walk 20 miles in all 50 states and make everyone aware of changes they say are needed.

Davon and Tavon had their first interview about their goal right here on NewsChannel 6.

Just over a year ago, on May 23rd, 2022 they talked with WJBF’s Brandon Dawson about the support they had already received “Every town that we went in, it was like God had people in place. It was crazy, like Air BNB’s paid for, restaurants taking care of us,” said Davon.

The Woods Twins mission to raise awareness for foster care was just beginning, “We’re going to walk in each state. We already did Georgia to Florida so we got 48 left. So we’re going to do a walk in each state before the end of the year, averaging 20 miles in each state,” said Tavon.

Their ultimate goal is to open quality foster care facilities and create housing facilities for young people who are aging out of the foster care system.

Wednesday morning on Good Morning America, The Woods Twins were awarded $10,000 to their organization “Foster Kids Matter“, to help them reach their goals.

Davon and Tavon told GMA’s Robin Roberts, “We do it because growing up, we didn’t know what love was. I never heard ‘I love you.’ Just so much hurt, so much anger. So instead of allowing our past to defeat us, we allow it to motivate kids all around the world.”

To watch the entire interview with the Woods Twins on Good Morning America, click here.

To donate “Foster Kids Matter”, click here.

Woods Twins Walk Across America Timeline: