(WJBF) — Does your family drive you absolutely nuts during the holidays? A study shows you’re not alone.

The research comes from the lodging chain Motel 6 and showed that most people get so fed up that they need a break after only four hours of spending time with their loved ones.

The survey also found that one in four people have actually hidden someplace inside a relative’s home to get a break, while 37 percent of people made excuses to leave.

The survey showed that 95 percent agreed that it was important to spend time with family during the holidays. However, it doesn’t mean that all respondents agreed that you had to like it, with two in five people admitting that the experience was stressful.

Almost one-third of those surveyed believed the holidays would be more enjoyable if they didn’t stay with family, while the same number also agreed that they would get along better with their family if they had some space.

For more information about the study and the methodology behind it, click here.