(KTLA) – Shake Shack is testing recipe adjustments to a few of its menu items, including the fan-favorite crinkle-cut fries.

On Monday, the restaurant chain announced that it would be using a new frying oil from Zero Acres Farms, a food company focused on creating healthy and environmentally friendly cooking oil, at two locations in New York City.

The Zero Acre oil will be used to fry Shake Shack’s “Crinkle Cut Fries, ‘Shroom Burger, Shack Stack, Veggie Shack, Chicken Shack, Chicken Bites and new limited-time Hot Menu items,” a news release said.

The Zero Acre oil is made with rain-fed sugarcane plants.

“We’re excited to further elevate the taste of their fries, chicken, and other menu items with cleaner frying in Zero Acre oil,” Jeff Nobbs, co-founder and CEO of Zero Acre Farms, said in a statement.

“This partnership combines the deliciousness that Shake Shack is known for with the health and sustainability focus of Zero Acre, allowing diners to feel good with every bite.”

The restaurant chain didn’t announce if the change would be rolled out nationwide.

This isn’t the first time Shake Shack has made changes to its menu.

The company switched out its frozen crinkle-cut fries for hand-cut potatoes, but some fans of the restaurant weren’t too pleased.

Shake Shack quickly reversed the change soon after.