MCCORMICK COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) — United States Sen. Tim Scott is taking the time to listen to the voters.

Scott visited several areas across the state Thursday.

The South Carolina Republican says the economy continues to be the number one topic of conversation.

“The average person has lost about 6.5 percent of their income over the last 8 years. We have 12 million more Americans living in poverty. We have a 40 percent increase of those who are eligible for welfare,” Scott said.

Scott isn’t just focusing on money issues here, but overseas. The senator is upset about the Obama administration recently sending $400 million to Iran.

“We all are thankful that these Americans have been released, but the challenge is that anytime you create the picture of ransom, what you’ve done is you’ve created a higher premium on American lives,” Scott said.

This week, as some GOP leaders have shown concern about Donald Trump, Scott says nothing has changed. He’s still supporting the Republican nominee.

“You’re either for Hillary Clinton or your opposed to Hillary Clinton. If you’re opposed to Hillary Clinton, there’s only one choice, that’s Donald Trump,” Scott said.

But Scott says people should pay more attention to the Democrats instead of Trump.

“When you look at the trove of emails like the racism and the making fun of African-American women’s names, in the Democratic National Convention’s email scandal,” Scott said.

And as race relations is on everyone’s minds these days, Senator Scott is trying to bridge the gap between law enforcement and minorities.

“First, by acknowledging the hard work, the dedication and the sense of calling that so many of our law enforcement officers have in serving the communities. Second, was to analyze and bring attention to the fact that not all interactions, even for me, have been positive,” Scott said.

Senator Scott says anyone making a prediction about the presidential election should wait until September when the real effort starts.

We also want to add that the Republican will be hosting a large Desert Storm and Desert Shield Veteran event at the end of the month:U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) will host Desert Shield and Desert Storm Honor Ceremonies in Greenville and Charleston on August 27th. Senator Scott has hosted honor ceremonies for South Carolina’s veterans since being elected to federal office. In 2012, World War Two veterans were honored, in 2013, two ceremonies were held celebrating our Korean War era veterans, and in 2014, he honored our Vietnam War era veterans.Each veteran will receive a special Senatorial Certificate of Appreciation, as well as a pin. All interested veterans should register with Senator Scott’s office by visiting 27th, 9:00AM WHO: U.S. Senator Tim Scott WHAT: Desert Shield and Desert Storm Honor Ceremony WHEN: August 27th WHERE: TD Convention Center 1 Exposition Drive Greenville, SC 29607August 27th, 3:00PM WHO: U.S. Senator Tim Scott WHAT: Desert Shield and Desert Storm Honor Ceremony WHEN: August 27th WHERE: Charleston Area Convention Center 5000 Coliseum Drive North Charleston, SC 29418