School targets parents with new dress code

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A Texas high school is implementing a dress code for parents when visiting the school or attending school events. 

The Houston, Texas Independent School District is cracking down on what parents wear when on school property. In a mandate sent to parents of students at Madison High School, they are now asked to model appropriate attire in an effort to teach children how to dress when applying for a job or doing most anything else outside the home, according to ABC-13 in Houston

The note stated, “We are preparing our children for the future and it begins here.”

Banned items include sagging pants and shorts, pajamas of any kind, shower caps, hair rollers and revealing clothing.

Anyone not following the rules set out in the letter will not be allowed inside the school until they return “appropriately dressed for the school setting.”

The parent clothing guidelines will apply to any Madison High School events, even those off the school premises.

The school says this dress code is all about helping students, by keeping the atmosphere dignified and free of distractions.

To read the full letter to parents, click here. To  read the full story here

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