Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy in Atlanta

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ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The 3rd Monday of each January honors civil rights icon, Martin Luther King Junior.

Atlanta — where king was born — hosts a slew of services and parades to honor Martin Luther King.

Newly appointed U.S Senator, Kelly Loeffler, attended a service at the Ebeneezer Baptist Church where she says we must honor Dr. King’s powerful words, his leadership and impact, and re-affirm our commitment to service.

Atlanta bureau chief, Archith Seshadri, is at The King Center just east of Atlanta.

Adrienne Carter says racism still exists after her family was refused service at an Atlanta restaurant.

Adrienne Carter
“Things are tough for us. I see where some things have gone backwards.”

Joannie Brooks
“We couldn’t drink from the water fountain. There was one for blacks, — colors — , and a water fountain for whites.”

Carter’s mother, Joannie Brooks, remembers sitting at the back of the bus — and the days of segregation.

Joannie Brooks: Atlanta resident
“We were not allowed to go to shoe stores. When we needed new shoes, my mom would go to a store and use a paper to draw an imprint of our foot on the paper.”

Adrienne Carter: Atlanta resident
“Being black is tough in america in that our skin color makes us targets. When they see that black skin they automatically feel like there is a threat.”

Carter says police brutality is a prime example of how african americans are still discriminated against.

Adrienne carter
“I want police officers to stand behind their badge and protect all people and not just people of a specific race.”

Carter says equality is still far away.

Adrienne carter
“Black people not necessarily being afforded the same thing that other people in a similar position are afforded”

But thanks to civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King, she says we are slowly making progress.

Adrienne carter
“I’d like to see a world where a person’s skin color doesn’t matter. Why does it matter what we look like on on the outside?

This is the King District just east of Atlanta where Martin Luther King Jr. grew up, as well as home to the Ebeneezer Baptist Church.

It’s also where The King Center is, where they are conducting training to educate Georgians on the new voting machines ahead of the March Primaries.

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior would have turned 91 this year.

Martin Luther King Junior’s daughter, Dr. Bernice King says we must end voter suppression, racism, and wealth disparity now before it’s too late and that Martin Luther King Day is not a day off but a “Day on” for community service. Continue doing service.

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