Police officer revived with Narcan after working drug bust

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A Kentucky police officer and Buffalo native is lucky to be alive after overdosing on heroin and fentanyl while working a drug bust. Capt. John Sturniolo with the Irvine Police Department says he was revived with Narcan twice.

Sturniolo lived in Western New York for about 52 years before moving to Kentucky. He used to work for the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office.

Sunday, during a drug bust, Sturniolo says he passed out shortly after bagging a large amount of heroin and fentanyl from a home.

There was a good amount of heroin, chunks, powder, crystals, the whole nine yards. I felt like a wave of distress coming over me and I realized I was exposed to heroin or fentanyl, said Sturniolo.

Another officer at the scene administered narcan to Sturniolo and when he was transported to the hospital, narcan was administered again.

Sturniolo told News 4, it took 24 hours until he felt normal again.

It was a horrible experience. You know in your mind what happened and you’re really unable to react the way you want to, thank God there was another officer there.

Doctors believe it was the fentanyl that hit Sturniolo. He says the situation could’ve ended much worse.

Sturniolo says he and his officers in the narcotics division take necessary precautions when dealing with drugs, but he says making any changes to how they handle them, may not be possible

On a day to day thing you just can’t walk around in a bubble. The drug doesn’t care if you’re 15 years old or 90 years old, male or female, poor or wealthy, it will kill you either way, said Sturniolo.

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