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Pilots flying supplies to SC stopping in Augusta in aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Augusta, GA (WJBF) - Many cities in the Carolinas are still blocked off due to flooding. Water covers streets, so cars and trucks are not able to get to places that need help.

Volunteers from Augusta are bringing supplies by air to South Carolina and Augusta’s Daniel Field was the second to last stop in the plane relay. On Thursday, NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne was there as they unloaded supplies from one plane and loaded up the next.

Pilot Pam Sprang landed her plane at Daniel Field Thursday morning.

“There's drop off points for donations,” she explains. “I flew from Newnan down to Auburn, picked up the supplies and then I came here.”

Pilots hopped from city to city to pick up supplies and transfer them from plane to plane as they made their way to South Carolina. Daniel Field tells us this plane relay started in Louisiana with the Cajun Air Force, which is a group that gives their time and skill in the air to deliver supplies where needed.

There is no doubt the Carolinas need the help. Hundreds of roads are still impassible because of flood waters and people are running out of the basics.

Sprang says she found out about this effort through an international organization of female pilots of which she is a member.  

“I belong to a women's pilot organization called the Ninety-Nines and they had put out an email looking for people to volunteer to fly supplies,” Sprang says.

She had some time so she volunteered to use her plane to pick up and drop off donations. She says she was nervous at first at the idea of flying with her cabin loaded to the brim with items, but the supplies were not as heavy as she expected.

“It was more of a challenge, how to fit things in,” she says with a smile.  

Sprang passed the donations she carried to Augusta to local Pilot Dr. Scott Riley. Daniel field donated snacks to the last leg.

The final destination—Conway, South Carolina, which is a city struggling with flooding. People who live there are in desperate need of items like the ones these planes brought delivered.

“I just feel good that I can do my part. I can do something to help,” Sprang says.

Dr. Riley hit the air Thursday afternoon headed to the Palmetto State to help those dealing with the destruction Hurricane Florence left behind.

More flights will stop in Augusta headed to South Carolina throughout the week. Areas around Myrtle Beach are expecting the flooding to be worse than it was with Hurricane Matthew. This means some people will lose their homes for the second time in 2 years.

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