Doctors say it’s pivotal to get this younger group vaccinated as head into the fall months which could involve cold, flu and other viruses.

New data from Pfizer shows its vaccine is “Safe and well tolerated” for children between the ages of 5 and 11.

Dr. Cecil Bennett Medical Director at Newnan Family Medicine said, “Families can vaccinate their children and know that when their children go to school, they are safe and protected regardless if others are wearing a mask.”

The study used one third of the normal dose in people 12 and older, and was spaced out 3 weeks apart.

Dr. Monica Gandhi Infectious Disease Expert said, “The 5-11 year old’s have been studied about 2,268 kids and the safety and antibody response, a one third dose compared to those 12 and up. No increased safety signal, nothing to worry compared to the older trials and good antibody responses.”

Pfizer uses an mRNA vaccine and is currently the only approved vaccine for children older than 12.

“Covid 2020 did not have much of an effect on children. The majority of children were mild. Covid Delta is different. Children are more symptomatic  and severe disease and children going go the hospital. This is why the vaccine is critical,” said Dr. Bennett.

Doctors say with high rates of infections in schools, vaccinating our younger population is pivotal to reducing COVID-19 spread.

Dr. Bennett said, “There’s no doubt that this will decrease the needle of the covid19 of all populations because children are usually asymptomatic carriers of covid and now we decrease the risk of them bringing covid to their parents, grandparents or those who are unvaccinated.”

Pfizer plans to submit to submit the data to the FDA and other regulatory agencies.

Pfizer says it is working on trials for vaccines for children under 5-years-old and those results should come later this year. Once Pfizer submits it to the FDA, it could be approved under emergency use in the months ahead.