Nurses bail out dad who sped to hospital to save choking toddler

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A group of nurses bonded an Illinois father out of jail after he was arrested for violating several traffic laws while rushing his choking daughter to the hospital.

Darius Hinkle began speeding on the way to the hospital after he realized his 1-year-old daughter Damani was choking on a penny.

“The first thing on my mind was to get her to the hospital,” he told KTVI. 

Hinkle was doing more than 100 mph with police hot on his trail. 

By the time he arrived at the hospital, more than a handful of police officers ordered him to the ground.

“I got out and I put my hands up, and I yelled and told the police, ‘My baby is choking.’ And I told them multiple times that she was choking,” said Donecia Pittman, the 1-year-old’s mother. “They were just worried about the fact that we were speeding.”

Hinkle, who admits he does not have a valid driver’s license, was taken into custody. 

When Pittman arrived at the jail to bond him out, she said a nurse at the hospital was already there to pay his bail money after a group of nurses chipped in to pay for his bond after they heard what happened. 

“I just, I mean… I can’t thank them enough,” Hinkle said.

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