CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — American Airlines has announced flight cuts at Charlotte Douglas International Airport that will go into effect later this year as part of an overall national strategy.

Travelers in good spirits can be easy to find when plans are going smoothly, but that can quickly change when facing delays or cancellations.

“I can’t even imagine what it would be like to experience that,” Brittney Willis said after getting off her American Airlines flight from Connecticut.

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the second largest hub for American Airlines. Come Fall, more than 1,000 flights will be canceled, averaging around 17 to 20 flights cut a day.

“I really feel like that is an inconvenience for the people that generally end up using American Airlines.  I may not use them frequently, but I know that I do enjoy their services, so to hear that it is pretty disheartening for the people that have made plans,” Willis said.

The airline says this year’s original schedule was set based on the 2019 flying schedule. Due to current demand, it had to be tweaked.

In September, the airline removed 504 flights. The airline also removed 595 scheduled flights in October.

“That’s going to be having a big impact in Puerto Rico because it’s true we have other airlines that fly, but they don’t fly as frequently as American Airlines does,” Emma Rodas said.

American is the latest air service to cut flights following a busy summer travel season that left many dealing with delays or canceled trips.

“If I was one of the people that had to deal with that, I would be pretty upset,” Willis said.

The announcements also come around the same time that the Department of Transportation proposed a new rule that would require airlines to issue refunds for flights delayed longer than three hours.