Mom said two fake child protective services agents tried to take her son

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MARYSVILLE, Wash. (CNN) – A mother in Washington State said two people showed up at her house, posing as Child Protective Services agents, and tried to take her son away from her.

“Haven’t wanted to let him go since I picked him up,” the child’s mother, Jessi McCombs said.

She has good reason to want to hold her 4-year-old son tighter.

She said first, a woman posing as a Child Protective Services agent followed by a man.

“Said she was with CPS and that she was there about my son’s injuries and that they were to take him into protective custody,” Combs said.

She said she was initially confused.

“I thought for sure she had the wrong house until she told me his name and birthday,” Combs said.

She said both were dressed professionally when they showed up Monday around 7:30 a.m. near State Avenue and 120th Street.

Combs said the woman did all of the talking.

“I asked her: Can you show me some identification, can you show me this order that you supposedly have – she refused to show me that,” Combs said.

A red flag.

“These people were potentially trying to just snatch my kid so I started panicking,” Combs said.

Combs said she “faked” dialed 911.

“She said we’ll come back later and they left in a hurry down the stairs,” Combs said.

Combs made a report with the Marysville Police who told KIRO 7 they’re investigating.

She said she doesn’t know who would fake being CPS workers.

“Adrenaline just pretty much took over — I wanted to get my son somewhere safe, sorry,” Combs said.

She also said she doesn’t know why they chose her son.

“It’s a lot bigger than just this one time — it’s like a constant thing that’s going to be in the back of your head,” Combs said.

Police say they have not received any additional reports of bogus CPS workers trying to take children in the city.

State Child Protective Services says law enforcement always accompanies staff, who always carry agency identification.

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