Limestone College volunteers delivering for Meals on Wheels save unresponsive woman

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(CNN) – On Monday, in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, Limestone College’s volleyball team volunteered in their community. It’s an experience they’ll never forget.

“We went up to her door and the directions on the paper said that the door would be unlocked and we could just go in and sit the food on the kitchen table, but the door was locked, so we were knocking.”

Abbey Baker and her teammates were spending a day off from class volunteering in their community. They were running a delivery route for meals on wheels in Cherokee County when they got to a house with no answer at the door.

“We looked through the window and she was on the ground and couldn’t get the door unlocked,” said Baker.

The woman’s blood sugar had sky-rocketed and she couldn’t move or communicate. Instead of panicking, the volleyball players did exactly what they were supposed to do.

“They called me and they said, ‘We have a situation that’s strange.'”

Jennifer Robbins with Meals on Wheels had the woman’s emergency contact information and immediately called her family. A family member quickly arrived at the woman’s home and she was taken to the hospital.

Robbins says she’s grateful for the quick thinking of the volleyball players who potentially helped save the woman’s life. The players believe there was some divine intervention putting them in the right place at the right time, saying this was the first time in years that Limestone didn’t have class on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

“That lady could’ve passed away; so, I definitely believe it was God’s plan for us to be there,” said Baker.

Robbins said while the organization’s goal is to feed their clients, another part of the job is checking to make sure they’re okay and this was a prime example of why their job is so important.

“It’s more than a meal, because we see so many people who may not see anyone but their driver,” said Robbins.

And even though the incident was a little scary, the volleyball players say they’re going to be doing some more volunteering in the near future because of it.

“We can see the impact we had because of volunteering.”

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