A softball team in Arizona showed the true meaning of teamwork Tuesday night when they shaved their heads along with one of their teammates who was diagnosed with cancer.

Leighton Accardo plays for the “Peaches” in Chandler, but the 7-year-old was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, something her family never saw coming. 

“They discovered multiple masses throughout her abdomen, on her liver, and on her lungs. They started chemo the next day,” said Carly Accardo.

So the brave 7-year-old decided she’d shave her head Tuesday after the boys’ baseball game.

“I’m not scared, my friends are here with me right now,” Leighton said.

Her softball and hockey teammates didn’t want Leighton to feel alone, so they saved their heads, too.

“Well I wanted to be supportive of Leighton, and we’re really good friends and I just wanted to help her,” her friend, Emily said.

After the girls did it, members of the boys’ baseball teams decided to do it, too, said Briana Whitney.

Leighton’s friends brought signs with the hashtag: “Shavin For Leighton.”

Even her coaches are now sporting the buzz cut.

And while she can’t play with her team now, she has a huge team behind her ready to help her win her fight against cancer.

She wears a bracelet with a positive message that helps her when times get tough.

“This is my bracelet. It says you are strong, you are brave, you got this,” Leighton said.

A reporter asked: So that’s what you’re gonna do?

“I’m brave, yeah,”  Leighton said.

No hair needed.