‘I’ve never been in that much pain ever’: Teen burned by iPhone

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An 18-year-old Virginia teen still bears the scar of a month-old injury. She was burned by something you probably use every day: her cell phone.

“I’ve never been in that much pain ever,” said Raele Manning-Moore.

Manning-Moore is just like any other 18-year-old. She needs her phone to survive. 

“Oh my gosh, my phone,” she added.

But for the past couple weeks she has been phone less. Manning-Moore says it started when she went to bed with her phone charging next to her.

“The burn woke me up. The burning so bad it was like really hurting”

She believes she was lying on her iPhone 7 and it became overheated.

“I was like wow my phone literally just burned me to the point that there’s a blister and my skin is gone,” she added.

Manning-Moore was left with a half-dollar size burn on her upper arm.  

“I could not stop crying,” she said. 

The 18-year-old took her phone to an Apple store.  Staff told her they wanted to look at it, but two weeks later still haven’t been given it back.

WAVY contacted Apple and they told us they’re looking into the situation.  They did ask if Raele was using a factory charger and she says she was.

The wound is now starting to heal, but the high school grad who’s headed to Old Dominion University wanted to tell her story to warn others.

“I hope my phone is never going to burn me again,” Manning-Moore added.

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