Governor Brian Kemp signs a bill to make medical marijuana legal

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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has signed a bill to make medical marijuana legal. It is a big deal for families who say their loved ones need the drug. 

Medical marijuana use was passed back in 2015 in Georgia, but for the families who desperately needed the cannabis oil, they had no way to get it without breaking the law by buying it on the black market or smuggling it from out of state. For those families, this bill is a life changer.

Families were celebratory at Governor Kemp’s signing.  What House Bill 324 does is legalize cultivation and distribution. The state will have small growers and licensed sellers. The state will allow up to 6 companies to grow the marijuana plants used to make cannabis oil then license dispensaries.  

For families already coping severe problems like cancer and seizure disorders, this is huge. 

“These families will be able to do what they need without crossing lines, without breaking the law and stay in Georgia while focusing on what they need to: caring for their loved ones,” said Governor Kemp.

While Georgia would also allow pharmacies to distribute medical marijuana oil, it’s unlikely they will because of federal laws.  Also, there are two proposed programs through state universities but those will have to get federal approval.

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