Georgia investigators working to stop sex trafficking

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Cobb County recently had another sex trafficking sting. Their district attorney’s office is working to help other counties across the state target those criminals and save victims.  I spent the day with a special prosecutor working on these cases.

That conversation was absolutely chilling, as the attorney I spoke with described a child as young as 12 being forced to see 20 so-called ‘clients’ a day.

He says a lot of people assume because they don’t see sex trafficking in their communities that it isn’t happening — but it is, particularly to children.  Last year, it’s estimated that 3,600 Georgia kids were pulled into the sex trade–that’s enough to fill 72 school buses.  While a lot of people might mistake some of the cases for consensual prostitution — that’s not usually how it happens

“You’ve got minors who aren’t mature enough for what they’re getting into when they’re groomed by these older perpetrators, children who are being exploited, ‘I’m going to make you a model’, ‘I’m your boyfriend’, and next thing you know they’re agreeing to have sex for money for their pimp,” says Dep. Chief ADA Chuck Boring.

Runaways are the most at risk.  He says one of the most important takeaways is if you see something, say something if it doesn’t feel right.  

We’re also working on an in-depth story where a lot of these crimes take place…and how that could help stop them moving forward.

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