From red to blue? Why Georgia could be in play this election cycle

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ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – With less than a week to go until election day, nearly half of Georgia’s 7-million registered voters have already cast their ballots.

Former Gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, explains why Georgia is such a crucial battleground state and why the state is in play.

Georgia — typically a red state — could flip blue.

“We are seeing record turnout because people understand what is at stake in this election.”

Political pundits say that’s because of a surge in younger voters, first time voters, minority voters and suburban women.

“Georgia is essential. We provide 16 electoral college votes.  We have 2 senate races – the only state in the nation. We have the ability  to flip the state house to control 14 congressional districts heading in 2022.”

Stacey Abrams says Georgians want better healthcare and more jobs — and that’s why they’re out to vote.

“We see people coming out because they want to protect their healthcare and heal Georgia and take care of their families.”

Abrams says voter turnout is encouraging but long lines could lead to voter suppression.

“The failure in June was the failure of the Secretary of State’s office. The failure to staff, fund and train county offices.” “We cannot happen the debacle that we saw in June repeated on November 3rd.”

Brad Raffensperger says, “We have conducted training on the new machines with county officials. That’s led to early voting being run smoothly despite a staggering turnout.”

“My admonishing is don’t panic but don’t delay – return your absentee ballot. There are drop boxes or you can take it to the county election office.”

Stacey abrams says counties need better resources and training to ensure efficient elections — something the secretary of state says they’ve done since the june primaries.

The last time Georgia voted for a democratic president was in 1992 for Bill Clinton and the last time Georgia sent a democratic senator to Washington was in 1996.

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